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We live in times of incredible change and upheaval. Traditional (text)books and analog learning should be adapted to the digital age. more...



combines various so far strict separated knowledge areas and establishes missing contexts, to unfold a more complete picture of a topic. The method focuses the nonlinear, multiple interlinking of knowledge and offers an entirely new way to teach, learn, boost creativity and is an example for sustainable education adapted according to students potential and age group. more...


Inspirations for educators




is a completely new multi-book format and an inspiration how to make reading and learning attractive for the 21st Century. This open educational  resource  is written under an open license and gives everyone the freedom to use or modify the material to suit his or her own needs. All  topics and links are suggestions and show how the PapillonMethod works. Feel free to implement these high-quality material for your classroom use.

Create your own lively stories with exciting effects. Give the text more originality and check out an example of how it works. more...


Topic List

Inspiration for creativity and suggested topics inside the GOLD DUST story. more...