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About the author


Thanks for visiting Einstein21. My name is Hardyna Vedder, the creator backstage -

creative visionary and innovative writer for more than 10 years.

It's my pleasure to introduce a fantasy adventure, directly linked to the Internet

an exciting interactive reading and learning experience around the fabulous

World of Gold Dust. Free to use.

The content of GOLD DUST is interwoven with a thematic network, linked to the

best web videos and encyclopedia articles, images, animations, games, maps,

virtual tours, to give you a deeper insight into a topic. Once you discover

the whole picture, your understanding grows.


I have a passion for movies and surreal art and I'm a passionate pearl diver

in the infinite ocean of knowledge - the Internet.

After countless inspiring ideas for three parts of the GOLD DUST story,

after a long time looking for a method, how to store more information in a

static book page or digital text accompanied by an educational project,

after opening hundreds of doors from book into the Internet here is the result:

The great dynamic book of inspiration - interactive, searchable, adaptable, updatable,


An new kind of book and an entirely new way to learn opens up a whole new world.

Enjoy the adventurous journey. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Get inspired by the PapillonMethod - your door opener into a stunning world behind the

story. The PapillonMethod is recommended by expert report from Berlin University of

Technology, Germany.

"[...] Papillon is worthy of praise in the area of media pedagogy (enhancement of the instruction through materials) both from the perspective of what is urgently needed for the future (Internet competence) and the psychology of learning (motivation/interest and action orientation) and a very promising project is worthy of support."