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Experience the book like never before

Magical learning with the PapillonMethod - the creator behind the story.

Combine the best of both worlds by merging book and Internet

iGOLD DUST is an interactive fantasy adventure, directly linked to the Internet. Spectacular links are the key to a stunning world behind the story. Everything you want to know about " learning by topic" you can find here on the basis of many examples: learn sing, dance, paint, math tutorial, all for free. Explore art, other countries and cultures, find new hobbies and careers.
Learn more about every day topics e.g. healthy eating, how to dress, finance, bullying, the good use of the Internet... You'll find also OneWorld issues such as hunger, poverty, climate change, environment, organic farming.. also timeless values and life skills. More examples you will find in the story.
The magic formula is: Read, Click, Learn, Dig Deeper.


Become a wanderer between the magical and the real World of GOLD DUST. Recommended age 12 and up.

Chapter 1: Phantasos

Chapter 2: The Gold Hat Officials

Chapter 3: The Twinkling Lantern

Chapter 4: A Fateful Birthday

Chapter 5: Kofur the Demon of Evil

Chapter 6: The Messenger from Heaven

Chapter 7: The Unfulfilled Wish

Chapter 8: Lilies or Airhead

Chapter 9: In the Valley of Tears

Chapter 10: Energy Spheres

Chapter 11: Dangerous Adventures

Chapter 12: The Gate of Illusion

Chapter 13: In the Land of the Clones

Chapter 14: The Three Days of Miracles

Chapter 15: A Gray World Between

Chapter 16: Terror Birds

Chapter 17: Fata Morgana

Chapter 18: The Beginning of All Evil

Chapter 19: The Heads of the Evil Seven

Chapter 20: The Dragon Throne

Chapter 21: The Logic of Evil

Chapter 22: The Masks of the Seven Gates

Chapter 23: The Green Elixir

Chapter 24: The Mysterious Grotto

Chapter 25: Magic Moment

Chapter 26: The Name of Yearning

Chapter 27: Flammula-the Fire Fairy

Chapter 28: Invincible Nubia

Chapter 29: The Scholars of the High Order

Chapter 30: Gold Dust

Chapter 31: El Dorado

Chapter 32: The Light-Thaler Thanksgiving Feast

Chapter 33: Divine Miss Monti

If curiosity comes into play, anything is possible. The imagination begins to play and suddenly you're solving a problem on the track...8 steps for more creativity

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