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Experience the book like never before

Magical learning with the PapillonMethod - the creator behind the story.

Are you're curious? Do you like to open doors into the unknown? Are you interested to see behind a facade? Do you want to fly through a time tunnel of past and future, imagination and reality, then here begins a whole new world for you... 8 steps for more creativity Recommended age 12 and up. Reading comes to life: Read - Click - Discover - Dig Deeper - Enjoy - Mix - Remix


If curiosity comes into play, anything is possible. The imagination begins to play and suddenly you're solving a problem on the track...

Chapter 1: Phantasos

Chapter 2: The Gold Hat Officials

Chapter 3: The Twinkling Lantern

Chapter 4: A Fateful Birthday

Chapter 5: Kofur the Demon of Evil

Chapter 6: The Messenger from Heaven

Chapter 7: The Unfulfilled Wish

Chapter 8: Lilies or Airhead

Chapter 9: In the Valley of Tears

Chapter 10: Energy Spheres

Chapter 11: Dangerous Adventures

Chapter 12: The Gate of Illusion

Chapter 13: In the Land of the Clones

Chapter 14: The Three Days of Miracles

Chapter 15: A Gray World Between

Chapter 16: Terror Birds

Chapter 17: Fata Morgana

Chapter 18: The Beginning of All Evil

Chapter 19: The Heads of the Evil Seven

Chapter 20: The Dragon Throne

Chapter 21: The Logic of Evil

Chapter 22: The Masks of the Seven Gates

Chapter 23: The Green Elixir

Chapter 24: The Mysterious Grotto

Chapter 25: Magic Moment

Chapter 26: The Name of Yearning

Chapter 27: Flammula-the Fire Fairy

Chapter 28: Invincible Nubia

Chapter 29: The Scholars of the High Order

Chapter 30: Gold Dust

Chapter 31: El Dorado

Chapter 32: The Light-Thaler Thanksgiving Feast

Chapter 33: Divine Miss Monti

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