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Chapter 18

The Beginning of All Evil

Fear is an alarm bell that warns you of danger.

Then Aron and Miss Monti found themselves in front of the terrible black gate. To the right was a plaque fashioned by the demon's own hand, which read: " Everything permitted - lying, cheating, stealing, (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) killing. Kofur"


Just as his father had told him. When the prince looked up, he spotted a two-headed stone eagle on top of the gate. The stone came alive: "What do you know, so little and yet so brave," cawed the eagle and greeted the uneasy prince with a mighty flap of his wings.

"I've been waiting for you. Come in. Ozelot will receive you," said Kofur. The prince's heart almost stopped as he and his cat entered the land of darkness through the black gate. At nightfall fear beset his heart. Miss Monti was no better off. Her limbs quivered so violently that Aron had trouble holding her.

Nothing but darkness surrounded them. All Kofur said was: "Follow me" and flew on ahead. Burning braziers, set in regular intervals, lit the winding path. The silence was uncanny. From time to time shadowy figures streaked past them. Then Miss Monti would moan: "Hold me tight. They might steal me." And Aron held his cat tighter in his arms. The prince felt for his knife to encourage himself.

"What kind of creatures are these?" Aron asked the eagle.

"These are shadow spirits. Once they were human beings for whom being good was too boring. They broke the rules and the lord of darkness took them into the realm of shadows. Their numbers are constantly increasing."

Aron knew only too well that more and more sunlanders had been falling for the realm of darkness. The power struggle between the king and Ozelot had long ago been the topic of his parents' last argument. That's why they wanted to do something. But instead of fighting Ozelot together, they fought each other until they first lost their speech and then their entire human form. Once again Aron was pained by his parents' discord.

But this was in the past now. He had boldly embarked on the road to Caligo land. The energy sphere had given him the courage not to doubt himself but to fight for his gold dust - the love of his parents.

A shudder came over Aron as yet another shadow spirit streaked by. His cloak fluttered almost inaudibly.

"Did you see the knife blinking?" Miss Monti's paws began to tremble again. "Killing is allowed here too. Take care."

"Be quiet," whispered the prince.

"Are you afraid?" Aron heard the voice of his angel.

"Thank God, you are here," the prince replied with relief. "I'm not afraid," he forced himself to be brave.

"Your thoughts are with your parents?" the angel probed the prince's thoughts.

"I miss them so very much." The angel was walking two steps behind Aron when he said: "You are afraid to lose them forever?"

"I'm not afraid," Aron replied steadfastly. But his teeth were chattering.

"You have to make a decision to either fight or flee, but don't be afraid," said the angel gently. "Try to accept it. With fear you would have no limits. Carelessness could make you fall for every trap. Fear is an important part of you and it will set off an alarm at the right time to warn you of any danger."

The angel erected an invisible wall of light around the prince to protect him from evil.

"With whom are you talking?" asked Miss Monti.

"With my angel. He's with me and protects me."

The prince forged ahead bravely along the path lit by the fire spirits and Miss Monti mumbled to herself. "No music, no pictures, no books, no light, no fragrance, only darkness and gloomy silence. In the realm of darkness, all light has gone out. Long live the sun," she grunted subdued. The cat's knapsack was now strapped around her stomach so she could hold it with her paws and better protect her gold dust. She was nestled in the prince's arms, tucked away under his cloak. Then she whispered a bit more audibly to the prince: "Isn't it a golden land we live in?" The prince gave a silent, mechanical nod. next

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