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Hardyna Vedder helped me with inspiring conversations as well as their test reports during the development of my Bachelor thesis. She ispired me to shape it into a concrete tool.

Jennifer Gebske, Free University of Berlin, Institute of Computer Science, workgroup software engineering , Prof. Dr. Lutz Prechelt


An Interesting Blog/Site - by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. .Professor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering NITIE, Mumbai, India

The site was started by Hardyna Vedder who advocates use all features/facilities of Internet to provide multiple views on any topic to be learned. She calls the method butterfly method or papillon method. The learner flies like a butterfly in the internet space and drops on the right flower that has the nectar of knowledge that he will find tasty. His knowledge is strengthened by that nectar. The site provides various book chapters that provide students the learning experience and teachers and writer the example to create more such internet books.


Expert report - by Hans Prengel Graduate in Media Studies, Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany, Institute for Language and Communication, Media Studies Department

"Papillon" is worthy of praise in the area of media pedagogy (enhancement of the instruction through materials) both from the perspective of what is urgently needed for the future (Internet competence) and the psychology of learning (motivation/interest and orientation toward action) and a very promising project is worthy of support.


Jacqueline Weber-Hengen, Professeur, Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers, Luxembourg European Projects Coordinator

"Such a great project we were looking for. This is a concept that really works well in practice."


Sybille Volkholz, Education Expert of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Former Berlin School Senator, Citizen's Network on Education in VBKI

" The project is particularly suitable for letting students work independently".


Margit Günther, Teacher, Project Manager "Papillon", Ellen-Key Grammar School

"The fact is that the blackboard and the school textbook are no longer sufficient in our digital world to present the teaching materials in a contemporary manner. I can only say therefore that an innovative teaching method has succeeded in making children interested in school again with the Papillon model project. Creative and eventful learning has resulted in increased motivation for our students. They were so enthusiastic about what they were doing that I sometimes hardly recognized them".


H. Bader, Subject Director for German, Ellen-Key Grammar School

"I liked the media project from the very beginning because it is a completely new learning method. The different between this project and the projects which we have previously known on media competence was that the virtual world and real world are combined and that completely new areas can be pursued in terms of content. So far we have analysed films. We have designed Internet pages. We are experimenting with PowerPoint Presentations but the structure of the content is what's new and that is what is so well received here".


Thomas Theus, Teacher, Ellen-Key Grammar School

" In this context I am really happy that this work is opening up new, interesting avenues of acquiring knowledge. This is a real benefit for every school which cannot be praised highly enough".


Ulrike Hammer, Teacher, Berlin-Schöneberg

"The students enjoyed it. The history teacher, Mr. Drinkewitz, was also quite enthusiastic. He meant, that it's amazing how many educational content in the shortest time students have collected, remembered and edited. This result is not achievable with conventional methods. I can only confirm this."


Nhat Phong Tran, Student, Friedrich-Engels-Gymnasium, Berlin, Class 12 / Semester II

"Finally a new form of the book! It was the film-maker who made the stuff which dreams are made, always created more and more extravagant forms and illusions and conjured up new variations. But authors have presented their stories in the same way since the beginning without giving books a new, contemporary touch. I would enjoy learning in class based on these materials. It is not a myth but rather a fact that general knowledge is continuously on the decline. By linking the GOLD DUST tale with the Internet, I can expand my knowledge beyond the scope of the class because the teacher only has a limited amount of time available. A good class for me is when someone is encouraged to learn more and more than the material requires. The class should be signed in such a way that people acquire additional knowledge through their own interest. In general the students are no longer motivated. This reading is motivation for self-motivation!